Changing the Address and Updating Your Car Information


To be able to drive your car, you need to have all the papers in order. It is possible only if you keep the information up to date whenever you sell the car, buy a new car or change the address where you live. Sometimes, all that people need is to change the driving license when it expires, as this is the most frequent situation.

However, people also move from one residence to another, and when they do this, they also have to take care of the driving license and other information about the car. Let’s see what you have to do when you change your residence.

Contacting DVLA

When you change your address, you can still drive your car, but you have a short period to notify DVLA about it. DVLA is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency of UK, and they are the primary authority in this area. There are various situations when you need to notify them, and changing the address is such a situation.

The main reason for contacting DVLA is because they need to keep the information up to date so that you can have a driving license with your current address, along with vehicle registration and also car tax.

The Price

It’s very easy to contact them and notify the DVLA about changing the address, not to mention that you don’t have to pay anything to do this. However, if you don’t let them know that you have changed the address, you could be fined with a high amount of money, up to £1,000. To avoid paying a fine, you might want to do this at the same time as you move. It’s easy, and you can solve everything directly online.

What You Need to Do

When you contact DVLA, they will help you with everything that you need. You will have to change the address on the driving license – this means getting a new license and you will also have to update the current address on the vehicle’s log book – the V5C. If you use Direct Debit for paying, you also need to contact DVLA via phone for updating the address.

The same is valid if you are a bus, lorry or coach driver. You will have to apply for a digital tachograph driver card that is updated if the current card has the address printed on it.

If you change the residence just temporary, you also have to notify DVLA. This is because they need to keep the database updated with current information about drivers and vehicles, and where they are registered. For example, if you go to university for one year, you’ll still have to notify them.

The Driving License

To be able to use your car for traveling, you’ll need to have a valid driving license. This is possible only if you have the information on it up to date, including the address where you currently live. For changing the license, you will need to have the current driving license and be a resident of Great Britain. You will also need to give DVLA the address where you lived in the last three years along with your current address, and not be disqualified from driving. The last one is an essential condition; otherwise, you won’t be able to get the license. Make sure your car has insurance, use the Admiral phone number for a quote.

You will also need to have a valid ID act or a valid UK passport, and the National Insurance number if you know it. With all these papers, you can ask them to give you a new driving license that has the information up to date.